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I am Zulqar Helal, AIA, a licensed architect in California, a PMP (Project Management Professional), and a LEED Accredited Professional.

I work for Facilities Services at the Judicial Council of California. However, this blog site does not represent the Council in any way, shape or form. This site represents my personal views and anyone that I have referenced here.

Using my spare time, I like to help the future architect lead architecture in order to advance better design and construction.

You may ask- what I mean by ‘the future architect’?

In my mind the future architect is that architect who is ready to adapt to today’s market needs.

The future architect maybe still in school, worked a few years in the industry, or a seasoned professional, but he or she is always ready to learn new stuff, adapt, and move on.

The future architect is a leader, whose goal is not impeded by nostalgia.

There are high demands and opportunities for architects’ leadership in the market for those who have adapted and my goal is to inform about the opportunities and also show the ways how to achieve it.

I hope that the future architect will grab the opportunity instead of passing it on to other professionals who are eagerly waiting to grab.

With that goal and hope, I would like to urge the readers to make comments on my posts and write guest posts to help the future architect succeed.